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National Preservation Month

May is National Preservation Month, and we at the Museum would like to share the process of how we are always working to preserve and protect the items, both big and small, that tell our incredible stories.

Every day, a new item enters our extensive Archives, and enters into an array of different collections; Object Collection, Photo Album, Clothing and Fabric, and many more. Each item is extensively examined, with every tear, stain, chip, and crack noted in the system. Upon a full accession, the item is then considered to display or store. If decided fitting for display, it is immediately put onto display within the museum. If decided for storage, it is placed into protective sheets, totes, boxes, or clothing bags. Items in storage will be always considered to display, and when an appropriate exhibit is created or expanded, they will be put on display.

We accept donations of any items with historical importance, and will work to preserve the items in the best way possible, and allow their story to be told to the public and future generations.

We would like to thank those in our area working to preserve our incredible histories; French Lick Resort is always working to rebuild and continue to restore the historic French Lick and West Baden Springs Hotels. Ole Show Barn, recipients of the 2022 Peter Grigsby Make it Grow Award from the FLWB Museum, is working to restore the last remaining Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Barn, and will be holding events in the coming months. Lastly, the French Lick Scenic Railway operates historic railroad equipment along the former Southern Railroad Line out of French Lick, giving visitors a taste of historic rail travel. We everyone above for their preservation efforts, as well as everyone not listed, as you are helping us to preserve our history so our future generations may learn from our past.

To help the French Lick West Baden Museum continue our efforts of historic preservation, you can visit us at the Museum to visit our gift shop, tour the museum, or simply donate items or funds, as both allow us to continue telling our rich histories to the public.

We thank you all for your support, and look forward to many more years of preservation to come!


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