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Getting Your Blog Indexed In Google

Getting indexed in Google with blogs is no different than getting a web site indexed. Of course for a novice it is always advisable to go with the tried and tested. First time bloggers never had it so easy. Did you know that and Google search engine are both owned by Google?

Basically, acording to studydaddy if you are blogging at Blogger your blog gets automatically indexed in Google search engine as long as you are adding quality content on a consistent basis, and clearly that is a huge step forward. One can avoid all kinds of snags while getting indexed with the largest and most popular search engine. But in case you prefer to blog from a different provider or you simply want to use your own web site for blogging, what happens then?

First of all you can social bookmark your blog. According to find test answers service using a tool such as SocialMarker you can submit your blog to the top social bookmarking sites, and usually this is enough to get your blog indexed very quickly. If you don’t want to submit to every site on the list just go with the top 4. These are Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon and Delicious.

To get the attention of the indexing services or search engines a few strategic comments on similar blogs will be useful. This will establish your legitimacy in the blogosphere. There are many forums and communities where you can declare your presence. Search for these, create useful posts, and link back to your blog in your signature.

Submitting your RSS feed is a great way to improve your position on the search engines. You can also add your blog to Technorati. This is a happening site for bloggers. You can add Technorati tags to your blog giving it visibility.

And finally remember that you are as good as your last blog post. According to literature help service there is no substitute for good content. Get down to writing some useful, interesting and newsworthy content. Keep updating your blog and you will reap the benefits.

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