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Currently, disposable menstrual pads exhibit the most popular product type. The demand for these pads is due to the awareness campaigns led by the Central and State Governments, along with several NGOs and multinational companies. The Indian sanitary napkin market is driven by the several initiatives taken by the Government of India over the past few years, in association with several private entities and non-governmental organizations for promoting the use of sanitary napkins, especially among the underprivileged and rural women. Some of these initiatives include the Eco Femme and My Pad, Reproductive, and Child Health Program. The market is further aided by the expansion of the female workforce, which has led to enhanced decision-making and purchasing power among women. On account of this, manufacturers can target the female audience directly and, in turn, influence their purchasing behavior. Apart from this, they are also introducing organic and chemical-free variants, which is having a positive influence on the industry growth. The sanitary pads key players are coming up with marketing plans and ideas for these sanitary pads to help accelerate the market growth.


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