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Shark NV360 Reviews

If you are looking to get yourself a Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe Nv360 upright vacuum, you have come to the right place! This article provides a comprehensive review of this new model, and gives you direction over whether or not this is worth the purchase.

  • Price

Compared to other Shark models, the little blue shark - navigator lift-away deluxe bagless upright vacuum is less expensive. It is sold for $150 USD on Amazon, while other shark models cost around $200USD to $400USD.

Coming with this price is a light and compact design and many useful features, but since it is cheaper than other models, there are certainly limitations to what it can do. Overall, though, this model still wins the heart and mind of many users.

  • Design

Easy to tip over

Overall, the shark navigator lift-away deluxe professional bagless vacuum ( or nv360), is a light and simple design. With that said, it is easy to lift and carry around the house. It is also better for storing purposes, suitable for those who have little storage space. However, some users have noted that the machine can easily fall over if you stretch the hose a bit too far.


However, if you ever need to bring the vacuum further than the hose can afford, there is always the possibility of unlocking the dirt compartment and bringing it with you. This feature is unique to the NV360 that other shark models do not have.

If you don’t mind combining some arms workout while cleaning, this model is perfect for you. Furthermore, the dirt compartment shouldn’t be that heavy because it is made of plastic, which should be fairly light. Only the extension wand is made of metal; the rest of the parts are purely plastic.

Easy to assemble

Most users of NV360 have remarked on its ease of assembly. The parts all come neatly in a box, and along with a comprehensive manual. Even without reading the manual, an overall look gives you an intuitive understanding of where the parts belong.

  • Use

Medium pick-up capacity

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 model performs exceedingly well on high-pile carpet. It picks up almost 100% of pet hair, about 70% of small debris, and 60% of large debris. On low-pile carpet or bare floor, not so much. Especially on bare floor, the machine simply brushes over the large debris without even picking it up. When picking up small debris, it leaves some leftovers on the pullback.

Reasonable dust cup size

Some users have complained about the small size of the dust cup, others are happy with it. The dust cup is capable of holding three dry quarts of dirt - let yourself be the judge.

Hair is stuck inside the floor brush

While this model excels at picking up pet hair, experts reveal that the hair is rolled inside the floor brush, making it hard to get them out. Since the floor brush rolls on a circular motion, this model picks up the hair by entangling it around the brush. With other shark models, you simply use your hand to shave the hair off. The NV360, however, requires scissors.

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The NV360 has two adjustment features: Bare Floor and Brush Roll. As the name denotes, bare floor is for flat tile or laminate surfaces, while brush roll is for carpets. With just one push on the handle, you can alternate between these two different modes.

Above is our review of some of the main features of the Shark NV360. We think that this is a fair deal for anyone who enjoys a compact, easy-to-use and simple design. Please share this article to those who you think would find it useful!


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